USTP Claveria Structure

Claveria Campus

Dr. Rosalito A. Quirino

Dr. Elizar M. Elmundo
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Dr. Nueva D. Salaan
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Alexander L. Ido
Dean, College of Engineering and Technology

Dr. Alma L. Cosadio
Dean, College of Agriculture

Dr. Nelda R. Gonzaga
Director, Research and Extension Office

Mr. Jonathan O. Jacobo
Director, ICT/MIS

Engr. Leo Celeste Tumapon
Director, General Services Office/Supply Officer

Dr. Charly Alcantara
Director, Office of Student Affairs

Dr. Reynante Taylaran
Director, Business Affairs Office

Dr. Renato O. Arazo
Director, Project Development Office

Mr. Ramil Pagon
Director, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Office

Ms. Maria Nydia G. Mayormita
Director, Finance

Ms. Maria Consuelo R. Del Castillo
Chief Administrative Office

Ms. Mary Fern V. Mercado
Campus/Board Secretary

Ms. Janelle B. Rojas

Ms. Anasenia R. Soriso

Dr. Valentina A. Pallo

Ms. Hazel G. Tumapon

Ms. Leolyn M. Palma
Human Resource Officer