ISO 9001 QMS

The USTP Claveria’s Quality Management System Manual and Procedures and Work Instruction Manual

This manual ensures product and service quality of highest standards demanded by the USTP Claveria Campus and expected by its stakeholders.

The manual also defines the USTP’s interpretations of the ISO 9001:2015 international standard, as well as demonstrate how the requirements are being complied.

This information is then used by top management to determine the USTP’s strategic direction. This is defined in records of management review, and periodically updated as conditions and situations change.

Based on an analysis of the above issues of concern, interests of stakeholders, and in consideration of its products and services, the USTP Claveria Campus has determined the scope of the management system as follows:

  • From admission of its students to graduation, all processes involved in the delivery of the USTP products and services as reflected in the Management and Support Processes, are covered in the Quality Manual.
  • The QMS applies to all processes, activities, and employees within the USTP Claveria Campus located at Claveria, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.
  • USTP Claveria Campus applies no exclusions to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Strategic Directions

USTP Claveria Campus has reviewed and analyzed key aspects of itself and its stakeholders to determine the strategic direction of the university. This involves:

Understanding its core products and services, and scope of the quality management system (QMS) as stated in the University Quality Policy and the QMS Manual anchored on the University Strategic Plan.

Identifying stakeholders who receive its products and services, or who may be impacted by them, or those parties who may otherwise have a significant interest in the university. These parties are identified in the USTP Strategic Plan for 2017-2030.

Understanding internal and external issues that are of concern to USTP Claveria Campus and its interested parties is also spelled out in the Strategic Plan for 2017-2030 and Relevant Interested Parties Issues Log. Many such issues are identified through an analysis of risks facing either USTP or interested parties. Such issues are monitored and updated as appropriate, and discussed as part of management reviews at least twice a year namely: Midyear and Year- end evaluation.