Accreditation 2017 Updates: A visit on CA and CET Extension Projects

The second day of accreditation marked as a day for visitation to the different projects of the College of Agriculture (CA) and the College of Engineering Technology (CET) which was headed by Prof. Gaily Jubie S. Hontiveros.

The first stop was in Minlanot, where the plant propagation and vermi composting were being prioritized while other projects were edible garden and piggery. The second place that was visited was Hinaplanan, where ornamental vegetables, herbal plants and organic vegetables were at its best. The third visit was at the MOSCAT Farm located at Lupok. The last stop was the watershed in Ban-ban.

The journey through the places was literally rough since the roads were not yet developed but it definitely added a thrill to everyone. Every stop was filled with conversations about the achievements and suggestions on how to improve the extension projects. Overall, it was a fun-filled experience of ideas.  # – Andrei Solara Jean L. Azuelo