The Academic Unit of the Claveria Campus is composed of the three (3) Colleges, Offices of Research, Development and Extension, Student Affairs, Learning Resource Center, the Registrar and the Infirmary. These Colleges and offices are the important components of the campus under the umbrella headed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA). The VCAA directs the academic activities supervised by the Deans of the three (3) College, namely: College of Agriculture (CA), College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and the College of Engineering and Technology (CET).

As an agricultural campus, Claveria Campus curricular offering are all typology-based per CHED’s directive in higher education. In 2011, the 18 courses offered by the campus were trimmed down to six (6) courses and these are all geared towards agriculture, food and environment courses.

In the graduate program, the Master in Agricultural Science and Technology (MAST) is offered. Graduate students taking this course have four (4) options for major, i.e. Crop Production, Agribusiness Management, Animal Production and Postharvest Processing. The PhD in Agriculture program is also offered in 2012.

This recent development in the curricular offering allows the campus to focus on its mandated programs in order to realize its vision to be the premier institution of higher learning in agriculture, environment and food.

USTP Claveria strong linkage and ties with New Zealand on its Dairy Program made the Short Term Dairy Farm Assistantship, one of the most sought-after programs of the campus. Hence, for CY 2013, a total of 153 trainees were enrolled and underwent 6 months training only, while some opted to finish it up to 2 years. Also, these trainees comprised the three batches in 2013 namely: (Batch 11 – June 1, 2013)= 55 trainees ; (Batch 12 – July 27, 2013)= 44 trainee; (Batch 13 – October 12, 2013)= 54 trainees.

Out of 46 faculty members on plantilla positions, 15 or 33% are Master’s Degree holders, while 10 or 22% are full-pledged Doctoral Degree holder, however, 15 or 33% are also with units in doctoral degree , while only six or 13% are Bachelor’s Degree holders but are currently pursuing their Master’s Degree. This data implies that USTP Claveria Faculty are continually upgrading their educational qualification.