About Us

In the idyllic town of Claveria, Misamis Oriental, Philippines, invigorated with natural fresh air, lies an institutional that ensure total students personality development, the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines.

Founded in strong supremacy and gifted with favorable developments, USTP Claveria has evolved from being Claveria Municipal High School in 1963 to a rural national high school in 1967 and to a state college through Batas Pambansa 4O2 in 1983.

MOSCAT envisioned to be come a premier academic institution of higher learning in the region and in the country. MOSCAT’s Mission is To advance the well-being of the people of Mee-samis Oriental and Northern Mindanao, MOSCAT shall primarily provide higher technological, professional and vocational instruction and training in the fields of Agriculture, Industry, as well as in the Arts and Sciences, Consistent with goals of national development. It shall also promote research, and advanced studies and professional leadership in the various disciplines and areas of specialization.

MOSCATians are guided by its core values to attain its vision and mission!
M – Meaningful learning coupled with,
O – Optimistic behavior and a,
S – Strive for excellence guides us to be,
C – Consistent in purpose to arrive at,
A – Aspirations driven decisions and,
T – Teamwork-based actions: together we can achieve our dreams!

MOSCAT has three institutes, the Institute of Agriculture, Institute of Engineering and Technology, and Institute of Arts and Sciences. Its thrust is centered on its four-fold function: RESEARCH, INSTRUCTION, PRODUCTION and EXTENSION!

With INSTRUCTION at the core, this college produces globally-competent professionals, world-class leaders, workers and entrepreneurs. We offer demand-driven graduate and baccalaureate  programs in Agriculture, Horticulture, Agroforestry, Dairy Technology, Environmental Management and Engineering, and Food Technology.

In baccalaureate programs, Institute of Agriculture offers, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Entrepreneurship, Animal Science, Crop Science, and Dairy Science, Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry, Bachelor of Technology in Horticulture Management, Diploma in Agriculture Technology laddered to Bachelor in Agriculture Technology. While Institute of Engineering and Technology have continually offering Bachelor in Food Technology, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering.

In the graduate programs, Institute of Agriculture offers the PhD in Crop Science, and PhD in Animal Science along with the master’s degree program the Masters of Science in Agriculture.  Graduate students taking this course have four options like Crop Production, Agribusiness Management, Animal Production and  Post-harvest Processing. These  programs continuously undertake, ACCREDITATION and Review to meet global changes and conform with the standards of ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE.

In its 97 hectares of land, 32 hectares of this is intended for field laboratories, research and farm enterprises. With its state-of-the-art facilities to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes in arts and allied sciences;

MOSCAT is manned by competent administrators, and martinet, yet, approachable faculty members, trained locally and abroad.

Prepare competent graduates to meet global demands using  I.C.T. related life skills. Learning is made enjoyable and easy with our WiFi campus, internet laboratories, online and several learning resources. Also, facilities are available to build up the capabilities of environmental engineers and managers, the  competence and competitiveness of graduates in Food Business, and technology. Job-enabling English proficiency classes are integrated in the curricula to boost confidence and speedy employment.

To  mold your total personality, facilities, and amenities are available, for everyone. New students are welcomed and guided as they acclimatize to our campus culture and practices. Student organizations are encouraged and accredited.

MOSCAT has forged various linkages for student scholarships to support poor but deserving students. So, we challenge every student to join the roster of  COMPETITIVE, ACADEMIC scholarships. Has founded close collaborations with various international industries, for student internships, student exchange programs, and research and development.

MOSCAT has been awarded as the cleanest and greenest campus in the region, won the Best Higher Education Institution implementing Drug Education, Prevention and Control, and is the  Most Gender-responsive Agency throughout the country. Also, students excel in various curricular and extra curricular activities and competitions, MOSCAT graduates perform high in licensure examinations, consistently gained above national passing rate.

Contrary to common belief of unstable peace and order, Claveria has been a constant destination of national and international personalities, a perfect venue for executive meetings and summer campers.It is not isolated in the hinterlands, rather a developing College with accessible roads, 24/7.

We welcome you then to a paradise where you love to stay for a lifetime. A peaceful environment, a conducive place for learning, with revitalizing cool climate and  warm and accommodating MOSCATians.

Your coming to MOSCAT is our great honor and pride, enjoy your stay and the cozy vicinity of our campus. However as you leave, bring with you beautiful memories and tell other something good about it.